Silver is the new Blonde


Silver, is and will be 2015’s spring/ summer hair trend!


Every time I turn around, more and more people are becoming more daring and drastic with how they do their hair. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I must admit it my friends. I too am going through the lightening stage to become silver. You only live once is the motto every one is going by and lets be honest. ITS JUST HAIR PEOPLE. You can always color it back if you don’t like it. Silver is a harder color to pull off though, and is a harder color to achieve because you have to get the hair WHITE before you are able to tone it to, or to apply a grey or silver color to it. It can be a very lengthy process, so please take the time and do your hair a favor and don’t try to get there in one setting if it can’t get to white in one process! Trust me, you want healthy, shiny, silver hair, NOT frazzled, dull, dead ends, silver. Some will tell you, “There is no way that you can get white hair with out frying your hair”. Let me be the one to tell you, You sure can do white with out frying it. I have done this to a few of my clients and people cant get over how soft their hair is or believe that, that isn’t their real hair color because of how great of condition it is in.


Granted that any time you lighten your hair, it WILL give you more body to your hair. Which is phenomenal, because the higher the hair the closer to God! AM I RIGHT LADIES! Don’t act like you don’t spend 30 mins before you go out to the club, teasing your hair, to get that perfect bump.. We all know that’s not your natural volume in there. Were all guilty of it. It just wont be as hard now because of all that “NATURAL”  body you will have in there. WIN WIN. You can have big hair, and an awesome, rare color. YOU COULD BE LIKE A UNICORN OR A MERMAID!! Who wouldn’t want to be either one of those awesome things, am I right?!


As you can see, there are many different forms of going silver. You can stay on the darker, Gun powder side, or you can go to the, white / pastel grey side of the spectrum. Make it YOUR own. Be UNIQUE. Don’t just settle for the soft blonde. Push the envelope and try something new! What do you have to lose? I can tell you this, if you are afraid your boss will fire you for doing something like this, they cant. GREY IS A NATURAL COLOR! NATURAL. So if they try to say that its not, every ones hair will turn some form of this color at some point in their life, you just decided to start early.

So, who is with me on this beautiful new journey of hair?! Bring it on spring / summer 2015! I think we all can agree that we are ready for warmer weather and some new pick me ups. Change will only start with YOU! So start now by calling me, emailing me or making your appointment by booking online!

(816) 200-4917


xoxo- Eiselie


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